Crown Magnolia Court of Georgia

Promoting social tolerance through the production and inaction of drag performance art.


Welcome to Crown Magnolia

Founded in 2020. An LGBTQ+ oriented social group and 501c3 non-profit charity that does fundraising for the local LGBTQ+ community.

The Crown Magnolia Court of Georgia works to educate and advocate for the LGBTQIA+ and Georgia’s allied community. The Court works to eliminate the historical oppression and phobia of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queen, intersex and asexual individuals in the South, especially in the Greater metro Atlanta and CSRA region.

Join us for our 2021 Crowning Ceremony!


Crowning Event Sponsorship Opportunities

Peanut.  $250.00 
Logo and Name recognition in Crowning program, Logo on website

Pecan $500.00
Logo and name recognition, half page ad, Logo on website

Cotton $1500.00
Logo & name, half page, Logo on website, Facebook Promotion for 1 month, 2 tickets to Crowning weekend, Business Membership in Court

Georgia Pine $2500.00
Logo &name, Logo on website, full page ad, facebook promotion for 2 months, 4 tickets to Crowning weekend, Business membership

Magnolia $5000.00
Logo & name, Logo on website and one Stage banner at Crowning, full page ad, facebook promotion 6 months, 4 tickets to Crowning, Business membership

Peach $10,000.00
Logo $ name, Logo on website and one stage banner, Full page Ad, facebook promotion for year, 10 top table at crowning, Business membership

Program Ads
Crown Magnolia Court of Georgia
Is pleased to announce we are taking program ads for our Crowning of our monarchs Czar Alesky C. Romanov and Czarina Gunza Blazin.

$75 for Full Page Color ad
$50 for Half Page Color ad
All Ads MUST BE CAMERA READY. Ads may come in electronic format. Electronic formats accepted: JPEG (300 dpi), PNG (300dpi), PDF, or TIFF (300 dpi),

Submit Payment VIA:
Venmo: @CMCGA
PayPal @CMCGeorgia
Check made Payable to
559 Watkins St.
Augusta, GA 30901

AD Deadline – July 25, 2021
Any Ads and Money not received by the deadline set forth in this agreement ADSOLUTELY will not appear in the program.

Point of contact Desirée (Rick) La Bouche @ 404-725-8842 or by email desiree@cmcga.org.

Welcoming all.

For membership