Czarina, Queen Mother, Czar
Aleksy C. Romanov

Czar 1 of Georgia

Founder of the Crown Magnolia Court of Georgia in 2020, I was inspired by the court of my home state, the Imperial Sovereign Court of Montana, to start a productive drag court here in Georgia. I have lived in Atlanta and Augusta since 2016, the warm weather and Southern food is what keeps me here. In my non-drag life I am a Family Medicine and LGBTQ Medicine doctor specializing in transgender medicine. I am also an Air Force Captain, avid foodie and married to a wonderful caterer/florist daddy. When I am not doing court events or volunteering at my transgender clinic, I can be found at the gym or sleeping. The Romanov surname was inspired by my real-life maternal grandmother, who reigned from St. Petersburg Russia.

Contact: Aleksy.Romanov@cmcga.org

Gunza Blazin

Czarina 1 of Georgia

Gunza has been twirling through Atlanta since 2001.  Since her start in the drag scene,  she has performed in many charity shows for many different lgbtqia causes.   She is the founding Abbess for The Atlanta Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence and have served on the board for many years after the sister’s beginning.  She is excited to be starting this journey as the Czarina for The Crown Magnolia Court of Georgia.

Contact: Gunza@cmcga.org

Lady P

AKA Mama Bear

President, Board of Directors, Membership Coordinator

Is a resident of Conyers Georgia since 2013. I was very involved in the Leather community during my nearly 20 years in Washington DC.  Within the Leather Community I became known as MamaBear.  In 2008 I formed a 501 C 3 organization for LGBT causes and named it MamaBear Charities, Inc. After becoming a member of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington DC, the drag persona Sister Penne Kostal was born.

Ms Kostal performed with GMCW a couple of times and many times at clubs in and around Washington DC.

After a move to Atlanta I became a member of The Atlanta Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence, and served one year as Abbess for the House. In 2018 I purchased a restaurant  in Atlanta and due to the business left the Sisters. The restaurant closed this past year due to the Pandemic and was not able to reopen.

Being retired now I found that the Crown Magnolia Court of Georgia  was being founded and was privileged to be ask to serve on the developing Board of Directors. And thus Sister Penne Kostal became LadyP.

Board of Directors 2021
  • President: Lady P
  • Vice-President: Tinh Tran
  • Secretary: Jen Francis
  • Treasurer: Cal Berry
  • Board Member at Large: Walter Dyer
  • Parliamentarian: Walter Santiago
Ex-Officio Board Members:
  • Historian: Open
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